African Women Awareness of CANcer (AWACAN) Network e-Newsletter (2)

AWACAN presents a selection of research articles and publications related to early cancer diagnosis and detection in Africa. This is the second edition of our e-Newsletter, which we plan to update and disseminate periodically with contributions from our AWACAN network members. Future editions will include relevant current research and related activities of members.

This edition highlights some recent (published within the past one year) research evidence, news and other publications related to cancer screening and diagnostic services in general within African contexts. This edition also features how these and broader oncology services are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the African region. Just as early detection without treatment is an effort in futility, so is awareness without appropriate action. We hope that insights from these pieces of evidence will help guide our research and practice related to cancer awareness, early diagnosis, treatment and control in our various settings. This and subsequent editions of this evidence summary will be published on the AWACAN website, as well as on the Twitter page of the CancerResearch Initiative (CRI) – @UctCri.

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